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SportsSMS was developed to enable sports organizations to communicate with all their members, coaches, players, parents, officials, volunteers or even fans by delivering time sensitive information directly to their cell phones! Imagine never showing up for a cancelled game again, or being told that your playing location has changed before your leave work or home!
Although we live in a world of instant communications, until now there has been no way to effectively communicate important alerts to your members. Asking coaches, players and parents to check your Club website or to remember to check their email are no longer choices for most busy people. SportsSMS allows you to deliver your information via text messaging in seconds; weather alerts, cancellation notices, game venue or times changes, whatever information you need your members to know, now!
Getting started is easy. Notify your organization that you will be using text messaging to notify them of important information. During your registration process, collect a primary contact cell phone number. Before your season starts, we upload your data by team, age level, division and league to your personalized texting platform. Log-in from any computer and using TeamFinder™, find the teams you need to text, select one or more teams, create your text message and click send.
In seconds, everyone you texted has received your message. No smart phones, wifi or data plans required. Texts can be received on any mobile device or cell phone in Canada and as when you have a texting option on your cell phone plan, you can receive unlimited text messages for free.
It’s never too late to get started, even if registration is over, we can have your organization up and running within a week. We prepare your platform enabling you to contact all teams, and if you like, all coaches, all officials, all volunteers, all Exec members, whatever groups you need to communicate with quickly.
SportsSMS costs about one dollar per player for a four month outdoor season. This is a price that most parents will gladly pay because when you use the service just once, you will have saved an hour of time, a few dollars in gas and a lot of frustration. But when you use the service to notify referees that the game is cancelled in advance, you may not need to pay them. Those savings alone will pay for the service.
Your sponsors will appreciate your text messaging service too. When you send a text message, you, and only you, have the ability to include a sponsor’s name or message. SportsSMS helps you deliver impressive ROI for all those sponsors who demand better sponsorship results before they agree to sponsor a team or play level.
To see how fast our service is, text the keyword “sport” without the “ ” to 767638. Within seconds, you will receive an automated response regardless of which wireless carrier you use. SportsSMS adheres to all Canadian privacy policies and there is no spam or advertising. Click here to get started.
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